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90% of students said they would come again to ESR for the next level

Six reasons to study Russian in Latvia:
Almost 50% population are Native Russian speakers
US and EU citizens do not need visa
Latvia was a part of Russian Empire and Soviet Union
Latvia is dynamic, democratic and very secure country
The culture of Russian language and academic traditions are well preserved
Much higher quality of services and lower prices than in Russia
Courses and Fees:
Russian Courses and Fees

European School of Russian offers fascinating courses based on multimedia and total immersion in Russian language and culture. You will get to the next level during 6-8 weeks of intensive studies. Please check our courses: Integrated Russian, Holiday Programme, and Individual Tuition...

Accomodation in Latvia

You will be surprised by comfortable, modern and well-located accommodation available at low prices. We offer our students to choose between these options: youth hostel, camping or apartment...


Fun and travel:
Fun and travel in Latvia

European School of Russian works very hard to ensure that study and travel in Latvia would be one of the best trips ever.

A lot of fun and activities during afternoon sessions, in the evenings and weekends. Look for more details. ..

Individual course + stay in the teacher’s family

European School of Russian

European School of Russian is located in the historical part of Riga city. Our classrooms are equipped with audio and video facilities helping to set the language in an authentic audio-visual context.

Our staff are experienced native speakers qualified to teach Russian as a foreign language and having additional qualifications in cultural studies, art, modern languages, science and business.

From the very beginning you will speak only Russian in our classes. It’s like jumping in the deep end yet it is worth it, because this way you will be able to pick up the melody and rhythm of the language more quickly. To make sure you get your say, we keep the classes small, of an average 6 and maximum 8 students. You’ll get all the corrections, grammar and vocabulary you need to take you to the next level, but our priority is on active speaking.



ESR is located in Latvia

Today Latvia is a sovereign state and the European Union Member State. Latvia regained its independence in 1990 after collapse of USSR. During last 15 years Latvia made a lot to restore democracy and market economy, thus becoming the second most developed state among ex-members of USSR and the fastest growing economy in the EU.

The common border and history with Russia resulted in deep cultural, social and economic relations between both states. Almost 50% of population in Latvia are Native Russian speakers and more than 90% of all population can speak and understand Russian. Russian culture and its best traditions are developed by number of non-governmental organization, orthodox and old-believers church, universities and academic staff.

In Latvia you will have the unique opportunity to discover culture of different historical periods, i.e. when Latvia was a part of Russian Empire and Soviet Union. Architecture, culture and society perfectly reflect all those epochs.





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